INTUG is Lobbying the EC on Mobile Access and Call Origination

This week, INTUG sent a letter to the European Commission concerning “access and call origination on public mobile telephone networks” – so-called Market 15. INTUG believes that the current Review of the European Regulatory Framework provides an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of sector specific telecommunications regulation. Therefore the Users Group felt it was necessary to write the Commission to highlight enterprise users’ needs for pan-EU mobile services, which are key to their business productivity plans.

Enterprise users in the large and small to medium markets are seeking to improve their efficiency and productivity, and to contribute to EU economic growth by consolidating operations and increasing transborder service trade. This depends on exploitation of ICT investment and innovation, often via outsource contractors and systems integrators. A key component of this is consistent and seamless connection to suppliers and customers throughout the EU, wherever they are, whether in urban or rural locations.

This connectivity depends on transborder fixed and wireless connections. Whilst this is feasible in most member states for fixed connections, such facilities do not exist for wireless (mobile) communication in the EU today. The mobile market is dominated by national services focused on consumers. Market analysis at national level tends to produce a finding of competition, but completely overlooks the absence of competition at a transborder level.

Recent regulation of mobile roaming charges acknowledged the absence of effective competition in the international mobile market, but only addressed a part of that market. Action is also needed to enable access to national mobile data markets by international service providers, e.g. via mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). Currently this market exists in only a limited form, and in only a few member states, and can only survive with market analysis and regulation at international level. Without Market 15 this will not happen.

INTUG’s members and the enterprise users they represent throughout the EU are deeply concerned that the Framework Review will take a backward step in the development of transborder mobile/wireless services if it does not retain Market 15. INTUG therefore urges Commissioners to accept the value of this tool for National Regulatory Authorities and to retain Market 15.

The letter is available in the documents archive (login required).

Source: INTUG

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