EC Publishes Report on Implementation of Regulatory Package

The European Commission published its 14th report on developments in the electronic communications sector.

Although the sector is continuing to bring significant benefits to users and consumers, it is not immune to the current economic crisis, a certain resilience is provided by the relatively strong cash flows due to the essential nature of basic telecoms services, as well as by the relatively low debt levels.

Revenues are continuing to grow and in real terms the sector is growing faster than the economy. However, the increasingly challenging environment makes it necessary to adopt a regulatory approach that will enhance predictability and certainty and create a level playing field in the EU’s single market, the Commission says.

Despite consumer gains, the full potential of a competitive telecoms market is still impeded by ineffective and inconsistent implementation of regulation, writes the Commission.

Approaches to Next Generation Access (NGA) are fragmented and regulatory methods for setting mobile termination rates remain diverse.

A more cohesive approach to such emerging and existing regulatory challenges is needed to improve certainty and give consumers and businesses alike greater opportunities to benefit from a strengthened and more competitive single market.

As part of the drive to ensure effective and consistent regulation, the Commission is finalizing a Recommendation on the regulatory treatment of fixed and mobile termination rates and preparing a Recommendation on regulated access to NGA networks.

The Commission’s proposals to reform the EU’s regulatory framework are currently under discussion in the European Parliament and the Council.

Read the full report.

Source: EC

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