Europe Sees further Voice Roaming Price Cuts

Yesterday the European Commission's last price cut under the current roaming regulation came into effect. The maximum retail rate for voice roaming is now 35 cents per minute for calls made and 11 cents per minute for calls received while abroad in the EU.

The current EU roaming regulation expires by the end of June 2012, when a new roaming directive is due to take effect.

"The Commission will therefore be coming forward very shortly with comprehensive new proposals for long-term solutions to address the underlying problem of lack of competition in roaming markets,"

European Commissioner Neelie Kroes said in a statement.

The OECD recently warned that without better levels of competition in the sector, roaming rates would never come down to acceptable levels.

In June the OECD examined roaming charges at 68 separate operators worldwide and made the case for stronger consumer protection and empowerment as they lose out to a lack of competitive alternatives on the market.

"Current pricing levels indicate that there is, in general terms, either insufficient retail or wholesale competition," the OECD study concluded.

Read the EC press release.

Source: Euractiv

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