INTUG Conference: Beyond Roaming – Mobile Communication Services for Multinationals

22 November 2011, Brussels

INTUG challenges telco's and meets the European Commission Roaming Team.


INTUG Challenges Vodafone and Orange

Discussion: International Mobile Services and the Multinational Customer - A Dysfunctional Market

Unfortunately one stop shopping for international mobile communications is still not widely available. What can operators offer companies in terms of international contract negotiation and tariff plans, account management, volume discounts, data and voice? Do "global" or "international" players truly exist, or do agreements still result in the bundling of local and dissimilar agreements per country?

9:30 INTUG Challenges Vodafone

Vodafone will address the concerns of international businesses, followed by discussion.

11:00 INTUG Challenges Orange

Orange will address the concerns of international businesses, followed by discussion.

13:15 INTUG Meets the European Commission Roaming Team

The European Commission published a proposal for the next part of the roaming regulation, which will be discussed in the European Parliament and Council and decided on in June 2012. The roaming team is interested in meeting international companies to discuss their problems with roaming, and better understand their needs.

15:00 Business Case: Emerson on International Mobile – John Rockingham, Director Network Operations EMEA, Emerson

Managing International Mobile Communications cannot be learned from a textbook. The geographical spread makes it very complex and the market landscape changes constantly. This case offers insights into the practical day-to-day experiences of an organization running international global network operations. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

16:00 Closing Remarks and Meeting Ends

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