BEREC Announces New Consultation on Net Neutrality

On 24-25 May, BEREC held a Plenary meeting during which a set of documents on net neutrality were approved. A new, comprehensive consultation round on the topic was announced.

BEREC adopted a report on its investigation of traffic management practices, as well as three consultation documents on net neutrality and competition (PDF), QoS (PDF) and IP interconnection (PDF).

The organization published a explanatory paper on the net neutrality consultation documents as well.

BEREC also published the results of an investigation into traffic management and other practices resulting in restrictions to the open Internet in Europe. This was carried out jointly with the European Commission. One of the findings is that at least 20% of mobile Internet users in Europe experience some form of restriction on their ability to access VoIP services. The findings are here (PDF).

Following the adoption of the third International Roaming Regulation on 28 March 2012, BEREC is currently preparing guidelines for the implementation of Article 3 of the Regulation (decoupling and wholesale access), which it intends to publish for public consultation in June 2012.

Read the full press release.

Source: BEREC

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