Asia-Pacific Should Adopt Digital Agenda

INTUG was recently invited to lead an Industry Round Table at the Apectel meeting in St Petersburg, Russia. APEC's goal is to improve the development and regional integration of the countries in the Asia-Pacific area.

APEC is mainly focused on the economic growth and improvement of living standards of its countries, and telecommunications has been defined as one of the main areas where this integration must take place. There will not be economic growth without ICT playing a leading role.

Many Asia-Pacific countries have very high levels of telecommunications services and some, like South Korea, are worldwide leaders in some key areas like NGNs. Unfortunately regional integration has not developed at the same speed, so for multinational companies telecommunications and IT transnational services remain an issue.

Roaming, Point to Point circuits, MPLS networks, Cloud Computing services, etc are all subject to different national regulations, thus imposing barriers to economic development in the region.

Many ideas emerged from the Round Table chaired by INTUG, including the very challenging one of creating an Asia-Pacific Digital Agenda similar to the European one, to help organize and define the objectives, resources and KPIs needed to improve coordination and growth in this area.

7 recommended action points for APEC representatives:

  1. Create a common program with goals, responsibilities and KPIs to follow (the Asia Pacific Digital Agenda)
  2. Analyze and improve legal and regulatory coordination of cloud services and data protection in the region.
  3. Establish an Asia-Pacific program for network infrastructure, investment and regional reach of information society
  4. Maintain an interoperability working group to guarantee being able to work together.
  5. Use Cloud Services to improve the ICT impact on global warming.
  6. Create an Asia-Pacific program to improve the competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises by using Cloud Services.
  7. Don’t forget other topics to improve competitiveness in the area based on ICT, for example roaming and ecommerce legislation.

Asia-Pacific has all the ingredients to become the leading geographic area on the XXIst Century. The resources, the talent and the opportunity are there. Now it is time to show the will and determination to work together.

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