International Roaming Charges Featured on BBC World

INTUG was invited to take part in a BBC World Service radio program today which featured an item on international roaming charges.

There were several callers from Africa giving examples of high charges and an interview with Airtel who are offering a multi-country service in Africa with no roaming charges – even for data – but this is in countries where they have their own network.

Other horror stories of enormous bills were included as well as tips for avoiding such bill shocks.

There was an interview with Ramunas Linartas from the European Commission, who explained that the latest regulation aimed to offer customers a choice.

Nick White, EVP INTUG, speaking on behalf of users internationally said the current approach with high charges for international use of mobile devices would not be viable in the future "Internet of Things", where automatic monitoring devices, car electronics and micro-payments must operate across borders.

Customers have no choice but to be connected to the Internet today, and in many situations this has to be via a mobile network. He said the Internet is borderless and this must apply even when accessing via mobile networks. Mr. White argued that there was no effective market for reducing wholesale charges between operators and that this lay at the heart of the high charges being passed on to customers.

Source: INTUG

Listen to the program (the item on international roaming starts at 10:29 and, after a break and another item continues at 32.37)

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