BEREC Debriefs 14th Plenary, No Structural Separation for Roaming Services

Last week European regulator BEREC published a debriefing on the outcome of its 14th Plenary.

The results of the meeting:

  • The headline messages of BEREC’s opinion on the European Commission’s draft Recommendation on non-discrimination obligations and costing methodologies were agreed on and the technical analysis will follow shortly.
  • BEREC's response to the commission’s questionnaire for the public consultation on the revision of the Recommendation on Relevant Markets was agreed on as well.
  • A Brief Note on the Commission’s draft Recommendation on implementing Universal Service was approved.
  • Advice on Dutch regulator OPTA’s request for assistance concerning Article 25 of the Universal Service Directive was also approved.
  • The guidelines on the new Roaming Regulation (excluding articles 3, 4, 5 on wholesale access and separate sale of services) were adopted.
  • The BEREC Guidance paper - Article 28(2) Universal Service Directive (USD): a harmonized BEREC cooperation process, as well as the relevant consultation report was adopted.
  • A decision was made for the election of the new BEREC Chair for 2014 in the 15th Plenary, 6-7 June 2013.

INTUG notes the progress BEREC made in its most recent plenary but notes that decisions on the implementation of structural separation for roaming services remains outstanding.

INTUG also greatly regrets the continued rejection by BEREC of the need for defining relevant markets for business services and for transnational services, despite both "markets" lacking effective competition and despite the continued market failure resulting in damage to economic growth.

INTUG strongly supports EC Vice President Kroes's comments on the BEREC meeting regarding the importance of non-discrimination obligations and supporting cost methodologies.


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