INTUG Publishes End User Requirements for Corporate Customers

In view of the implementation of the new decoupling rules on public mobile communications networks within the EU, which should bring more competition to the international roaming market after July 2014, INTUG was asked to summarize the end user requirements for corporate customers.

Mobile service providers should be able to distinguish private from corporate customers because these two groups of customers take different decisions when it comes to roaming use. At the moment, operators cannot make this distinction. Take the threshold definition and information mechanism in place since July 2010 (roaming cap). Employees receive confusing information after crossing internal (EU) borders while mobile fleet managers do not receive this information so they can't take proper decisions.

It is essential for fleet managers to be able to define maximum thresholds on the level of data/voice roaming volumes. The fleet manager should be notified when the actual usage volume reaches the threshold level after which the fleet manager can eventually decide to buy additional roaming capacity for the corporate user. In no case should this decision be left to the traveling employee and under no circumstances should the employee be provided with a means to circumvent this mechanism.

On basis of our negative experiences with the roaming cap, INTUG fears the decoupling will not result in an implementation that is acceptable for businesses. The decision to allow/disallow use of roaming and the selection of the roaming service provider to use should rest with the company only and not with the employee using the mobile device. The decoupling implementation should fully support this activation and configuration model.

The identification can be done on basis of the SIM cards linked to a contract. This way, fleet managers remain responsible for maintaining the “SIM card-employee” mapping.

Management and use of roaming services should be made as straightforward as possible by implementing uniform mechanisms both on operator and on EU country level: all operators should implement the same usage and management processes and each operator should implement the same usage and management processes in the different EU countries in which the operator is active.

Download the document Decoupling Roaming Services in the EU, Corporate Customers End User Requirements (PDF)

Source: INTUG

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