TTIP: Are Telecom, Media and Internet Dominating the Agenda?

INTUG Executive Vice President Nick White participated in an International Institute of Communications (IIC) event in London on Tuesday 8 July, which was organized to exchange views on the latest EU/US Trade negotiations.

Others present included the World Trade Organisation, the UK Department of Business Information and Skills (BIS), the Digital Policy Alliance, Microsoft/Skype, BT and AT&T and a number of consultancy and research bodies including the LSE.

Topics covered included regulatory convergence and/or mutual recognition, data privacy and security and international interoperability of networks and data for cloud services.

The event occurred as EC Vice President Kroes was stressing the huge economic potential arising from completing the EU Single Market in ICT. She did not refer to the latest INTUG-ECTA study (pages 10-11) directly, but she mentioned the same growth numbers.

International business users of networked cloud services continue to press for a simpler more competitive and more coherent environment throughout the EU/EEA and in links to the US.

Source: INTUG

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