European Businesses Need a Single Digital Market

After Thursday's European Council meeting, INTUG issued the following statement:

INTUG supports the timely adoption of the ‘Connected Continent’ package and champions the Council’s call on the legislators to exam it in-depth.

Furthermore, we welcome the European Council’s understanding that Europe needs investment and the right regulatory framework in order to tap the full potential of the digital economy, boost productivity and create new economic activity and skilled jobs.

The needs of our businesses and public entities are not being addressed adequately within the current regulatory and competitive environment. Danielle Jacobs, Chairman of the Board of INTUG, commented,

“Their growth ambitions require an appropriate communication and technological environment. The most important aspect of this environment is a single market for telecommunications that will bring down the barriers companies face when building their ICT strategy. Without the right framework, how can business and public sector leaders drive economic development and innovation throughout the EU?”

INTUG also notes the Council’s focus on the need for EU action to provide the right framework conditions for a single market for Big Data and Cloud computing and on accelerating work on pending legislative proposals for e-identification and trust services, and for e-invoicing and payment services.

In addition, the Council recognized the importance of fostering the trust by citizens and businesses in the digital economy, supported by the timely adoption of a strong EU General Data Protection framework and the Cyber-security Directive, which is essential for the completion of the Digital Single Market by 2015.

In september, INTUG released a position paper outlining the economic and social benefits of providing business users with a single market for telecommunications.

Source: INTUG

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