INTUG Participates in Mobile Roaming World Summit

At last week's Mobile Roaming World Summit in London, INTUG's Executive Vice President Nick White highlighted the concerns of corporate users of cross-border Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.

Since the mobile market is a disconnected series of national islands, M2M investment in new business processes faces 3 types of obstacle:

  1. Functional: an absence of universal national roaming limits coverage and access.
  2. Financial: high roaming charges make applications unaffordable.
  3. Flexibility: embedded SIM cards are locked in to the contracted operator. This impacts many industries, for example connected cars, health monitoring and supply chain distribution.

INTUG asked for 3 things to overcome these obstacles: National Roaming everywhere, Elimination of International Roaming Charges, and Soft-SIMs or SIM and number ownership and control by the customer.

INTUG also expressed concern about M2M privacy and security in respect of risks from IMSI impersonation and device jamming.

Source: INTUG

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