INTUG Chairs Session at IIR’s Annual Telecom Regulatory Forum

INTUG EVP Nick White chaired the afternoon session on Day 1 of the IIR Annual Regulatory Forum in London on April 29, and also took part in a panel debate on the Future Competitive landscape.

The event included an update on the Telecom Single Market proposals by Roberto Viola from DG Connect, including the latest deliberations on the review of Relevant Markets and Network Neutrality.

INTUG has submitted a further document to BEREC urging retention of the proposed high quality service market, geared to meeting business users' needs. Goran Morby, BEREC Chairman, said customers were now in charge, the old operator business model had gone, and it was the regulators' task to sustain choice for customers.

Speaking in the panel session, Nick White said non-discriminatory access to high quality wholesale broadband everywhere was critical for businesses to grow with on-line cross border trade. He said the EU should be a trailblazer, not just in eliminating roaming charges, but also in breaking down telecommunications barriers to investment in new more innovative processes.

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