INTUG Addresses IIR’s 8th Roaming World Congress

INTUG EVP Nick White spoke at the Annual Roaming World Congress in Brussels on May 14, talking about the needs of business users.

The event included some innovative presentations on in flight roaming by OnAir and Aeromobile, on mobile WiFi hotspots from Uros and Droam, and on WiFi offload and global connectivity from Devicescape.

Nick White addressed the fact that users continue to be frustrated with the current dysfunctional international mobile environment, which is a patchwork of national operator networks, focused largely on mass market end consumers.

He described the business needs of business users in a number of different industries. He said corpoates of all sizes need to manage mobile devices which range in number from a few to fleets of thousands spread over many countries and constantly on the move.

Current offerings do not meet the needs of this business model. FMCG companies with extended supply chains using cloud services internationally through a mixture of operators and devices face great difficulties in introducing new systems seamlessly.

The transport, health and education sectors, in the public and private sector, are all building connected ecosystems of people and things, which cannot be supported by the current national mobile islands.

Elimination of roaming charges, not just within the EU but worldwide, is a step in the right direction, but other requirements remain, such as much improved international management of spectrum consistently.

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