INTUG Comments on OECD CISP Decision List

INTUG’s EVP Nick White participated in the biannual OECD CISP meeting in Paris last December. After the Decision Items were published, INTUG commented on two of them, being the Internet of Things and International Mobile Roaming.

INTUG emphasizes the criticality of the Internet of Things to business users, as much of the innovation in ICT comes from new on-line and mobile business processes. It is essential that the Internet of Things allows flexible mobile access, which is not limited to specific mobile operators for the access network. Spectrum sharing and harmonization and open access are crucial for cross border online M2M business applications.

INTUG welcomes OECD’s continuing prioritization of action on international roaming. While regulation, especially in the EU, has reduced the economic damage done by rooming charges, further MNO maneuverings and regulation are still something of a “shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic” activity. The industry must find a way to eliminate roaming as a relic of history peculiar to the early stages of mobile communications and INTUG recommends that the report states clearly and quantitatively the continuing damage inflicted on the global economy by any international roaming charges.

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