INTUG Supports New #Netcompetition Initiative on Broadband

A new broadband stakeholder alliance has taken off in Brussels, sending a message to EU policy makers that users deserve real choice, innovation, freedom of communication and affordable services for broadband.

Launched at the annual ECTA meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on 16 November 2015, the initiative brings together user organizations - including INTUG-, digital rights advocates, competitive broadband operators and others. The #NetCompetition principles aim at fostering competition, digital rights, business diversity, economic pluralism and user benefits.

In the face of the upcoming review of EU rules on telecoms, the coalition members are concerned that less competition raises prices, leads to delivery of poor services and creates traffic discrimination, while failing to provide a higher level of network investments. In fact, evidence suggests that there is no trade-off between competition and investments; on the contrary, large companies only have an incentive to invest when they are subject to competitive pressure.

You can find more information on the #Netcompetition webpage.

In addition to INTUG, the coalition currently includes BEUC, ConsumentenBond, OCU, EDRi, Access Now, AIIP (the association of Italian ISPs), alternative  broadband providers QSC and Fastweb, BREKO (the German competitive broadband providers association) and the global ISP Cogent.

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