INTUG Creates Consolidated Response to three EU Consultations

INTUG responded to the European Union consultations on the Regulatory Framework Review, Internet Speed post-2020, and Roaming Implementation.

Creation of an open Digital Single Market is essential for the future growth of the EU economy. Digital services enable economic growth, improve social welfare, create value, and support a more connected world with connected citizens and businesses.

The Review of the Regulatory Framework, Internet Speed post-2020, and Roaming Regulation Implementation are separate initiatives closely linked to this overarching issue. INTUG has therefore put together a single Consultation addressing all three.

In the public sector, connectivity through shared broadband and mobile infrastructures provide benefits in e-education, e-health, e-transport, smart cities and buildings, security, energy efficiency and e-government interacting with citizens.

In the private sector it provides an environment for investment and innovation in on-line business processes which can operate seamlessly throughout the EU and beyond. This sector is increasingly based on a growing cohort of SMEs emerging from innovative start-ups, which can be engines of growth by leveraging the power of the Digital Single Market beyond their home Member State.

The prerequisites for building this digital ecosystem are universal access to very high speed fixed and wireless network services, available on an open and competitive basis across national borders, consistency, standardization and harmonization between Member States with minimized and collective administrative procedures, and a Regulatory Framework and outputs which focuses on optimizing the overall economy rather than just the ICT sector or networking subsets of the sector. This implies that impact analysis must address the whole economy rather than just one dimension.

INTUG's consolidated report provides specific responses to the three consultations individually, followed by a general summary of business user requirements for a Digital Single Market, supported by specific issues, which have been identified as the highest priority concerns of business users.

Read the full text.

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