INTUG Shares Comments with BEREC on Net Neutrality Guidelines: Position

INTUG firmly supports net neutrality as a key force for market competition, but Open Internet rules should not be applied to business users in the same way as to end users. With its focus on the interests of business users of telecommunications, in July 2016 INTUG responded to the Public Consultation on the draft BEREC Guidelines regarding the implementation of net neutrality rules. Among its findings, INTUG highlighted the need of business users for SLAs supporting high level of QoS, including Internet Access Services with a higher QoS.

INTUG also indicated its concern regarding the approach to VPNs as "publicly available": when a connection to a VPN is made via an internet connection ( e.g. for home workers), the regulation applies to that internet connection. But all other elements of VPNs must remain outside the scope of the regulation - even where a VPN includes a gateway towards the internet.

Other areas on which INTUG commented include pricing and market offers, Wi-Fi hotspots, traffic management and existing contracts. You can read the position here.

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