INTUG Signs Joint Industry Letter to Commissioner Oettinger on Moving Towards a Gigabit Society

INTUG and 29 other associations signed a joint letter to Commissioner Oettinger highlighting their support for the measures taken by the Commission that help to achieve a true Digital Single Market, and outlining issues and concerns regarding a new strategy for sustainable broadband investments.

In the letter, the associations acknowledge the efforts of Commissioner Oettinger, and of the European Commission, to provide the right tools to keep Germany and Europe competitive and to enable them to take the leading role on their way towards a Gigabit Society.

The letter then lays out specific areas of concern, including the ever-growing number of applications that require fast deployment of fixed and mobile networks and fiber infrastructures: everything from connected cars, to agricultural, to healthcare and education, to 5G.

Furthermore, the letter underscores the importance of looking beyond the political threshold of 2018, and cites the need for clear goals and concrete steps in order to take decisions on crucial measures such as the distribution of funds so that the swift roll-out of gigabit networks is not hindered.

You can read the entire letter here .

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