INTUG Responds to CEPT Consultation on Indoor Coverage

The issue of mobile indoor coverage is currently under consideration in several CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) administrations. The ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) of  CEPT put together a consultation to collect best practices on mobile indoor coverage.

INTUG provided the following response to this consultation:

“As a representative of business users, INTUG can provide feedback regarding the question of initiatives in relation to mobile indoor coverage (e.g. within new building or infrastructure planning frameworks).

We would like to stress that mobile indoor coverage is a major and growing problem for organizations of all sizes. The increasing importance of mobile communications puts pressure on companies to offer coverage for several operators. Commercial buildings often have multiple tenants, while visitors, employees, etc., use different mobile operators to stay connected. At the same time, stronger building insulation regulations in many countries create additional physical challenges.

We see that companies in various countries are facing significant difficulties in getting mobile operators aligned. There is a strong need for affordable, multi-operator indoor solutions. International standards can be helpful in achieving this goal. We hope that CEPT will work on this issue, which is important to business users of mobile communications globally.”

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