Digitalization in Spain: How to Support Foreign Trade?

With exports helping drive Spain’s GDP growth, Leonard Pera, President of INTUG member AUTELSI, looks over an exciting year for the evolution of Spanish international trade and asks “how can the digital world support growth in foreign trade, and what role can internet play?”

In his recent article, “2016: More Europe, More International, More Digital” (26 December 2016), he sums up Spain’s trade evolution – growth, loss and deficit -, and then looks into how new technologies, e-commerce, digital internationalization and more, can and will impact the opportunities and performance of companies in Europe and elsewhere. “New technologies facilitate access to foreign markets beyond the traditional set-up of trade fairs/distributors,” he comments.

However, he notes that in countries including Spain and France, a digital divide – with businesses less digital-savvy than consumers –  can result in loss of market share to countries where business has embraced digital, such as the UK and Germany.

He concludes by declaring that eliminating the digital divide and optimizing the potential created by digital will require joint effort from all players, including public entities such as the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX).

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