INTUG Presents at EC Workshop on Cross-border Dataflows

On 30 March, 2017, INTUG took part in the workshop “How to facilitate cross-border dataflow in the digital single market”. This event was organised within the framework of the European Commission DG CONNECT's Study on cross-border dataflow in the digital single market: Study on data location restrictions (SMART 2015/0054), undertaken by time.lex, Spark Legal Network and T4i2.

The preliminary results of the study were presented, and then debated by the attendees. The “group discussion onfunctional requirements that can replace formal requirements to facilitate cross‐border dataflow in the EU raised issues on barriers and their impact, as well as potential recommendations for future EU policies.

INTUG, represented by Chairman Danielle Jacobs, was part of a Moderated Panel on “Insights on the needs and conditions for the free flow of data in the EU and its implementation options”, along with Pierre Chastanet (European Commission), Erik Dahlberg (Swedish National Board of Trade) and Hans Graux (time.lex).


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