Telecoms pricing, IoT, 5G and more: INTUG reports on CISP-57

INTUG has drafted its comments on the OECD's Communication Infrastructures and Services Policy meeting, in Paris, on 2-3 November 2017.  The full comments of INTUG can be found here. The meeting included discussions on the OECD's report on telecoms price baskets,  the 'operator of the future', the Internet of Things, 5G, and the rural digital divide.

In its comments, INTUG highlights its appreciation of the OECD's report on pricing, which includes several proposals helpful for the business market. In general, INTUG continues to call for additional transparency - in several areas. INTUG also raises a specific concern regarding incumbents applying high charges to low value, sunk and written off costs; for example, to exchange line rentals.

INTUG applauds Sweden for their excellent work on the topic of the 'operator of the future', which acknowledges that business models, products and services are changing rapidly.  Given the new dimension of application dependence, the concept of an 'operator', in the traditional legacy sense of the word, may become inappropriate.

INTUG notes that a foundational requirement for effective progress and productive harmonization of the IoT and AI ecosystems is the timely development and implementation internationally of the necessary technical and procedural standards.  These must address comprehensively the all-encompassing demands for access, connectivity and interoperability.

Research into the increased dependency on mobile infrastructure is now an urgent social and economic priority, and a responsibility for all governments, as society experiences complete digital transformation. INTUG underscores the needs for a review of the industry model, and an open environment for co-investment and sharing.

INTUG welcomes the OECD's thorough and complete strategic overview on bridging the rural digital divide. The benefits of a digitally transformed society can only be fully achieved if everybody is connected.


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