The digital future: New Zealand’s Tuanz takes on key issues for its members

What are the key topics impacting the members and markets of New Zealand member Tuanz? In January, the association published a 2018 action plan focused around the digital future. Many of the topics reflect global trends that business users are facing around the world.

The Future of Digital Comms Post 2020: This is an ever-expanding topic that includes the road to 5G mobile networks, general developments in digital communications, and regulatory initiatives. In New Zealand, Tuanz will be advocating for its members in the face of a Telecommunication (New Regulatory Framework) Bill and a mobile market review by the Commerce Commissions.

Digital Trust: What lies beyond cyber security? For Tuanz, the broader issue is Digital Trust. The association defines this as user safety and security while on-line, in both a business and personal sense. It will communicate on this topic and organize an event.

SMEs and the Digital Future: Tuanz will be working with government and industry to develop this area, in order to support the needs and voice of SMEs

The Future of Rural Connectivity: This has long been an active area for Tuanz, which works with RBI providers, and also advocates to them on behalf of users.

The Internet of Things (IoT): Tuanz is represented on the Executive Council of the New Zealand IoT Alliance, which aims to actively contribute to the prosperity of New Zealand through accelerating the uptake of IoT. In 2018, Tuanz will focus on communicating to its members about the real status of IoT in New Zealand’s cities.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence: The ramp-up of AI technology, machine learning and other non-human interactive technology makes it clear that these will have an impact on business users - personally and professionally. Tuanz aims to create discussion and will organize an event around the topic.

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