OECD meeting covers IoT, 5G, zero rating, network neutrality and more

Nick White, Executive Vice President of INTUG, reported on the biannual OECD working party on ICT, held in Paris on May 14/15. “INTUG participated as an accredited expert group, and the meeting addressed many key topics of interest to our members, including the Internet of Things (IoT), the next generation of wireless communications (5G), zero rating and network neutrality, and the pricing of Broadband Bundles,” he reported.  Delegations from 38 countries around the world attended, enabling a lively debate over two days.

During the discussions, Nick made a number of interventions on behalf of members, highlighting the excessive charges for international calls and for landline rentals, the importance of an eSIM standard that does not lock a user to one network, the need to maximize sharing of 5G access infrastructure with interoperability globally, and the risks associated with internationally inconsistent regulations on zero rating, which could impact business users' costs for customer access to applications.  INTUG's contributions will be submitted in writing to OECD.

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