INTUG Joins with CIOForum, EuroCIO & Beltug to Explore GDPR

Together with international association EuroCIO and Belgian associations CIOforum and Beltug, INTUG took part in a joint session to work on members’ questions regarding the GDPR, with a special focus on IT vendor assessment.

INTUG and Beltug Evaluate BSA Tools

For some time, BSA/The Software Alliance has been sending letters to businesses in Belgium, asking these companies to log on to the BSA site where they would find information and tools to support their efforts to ensure compliance with software licensing requirements.

INTUG Responds to BEREC’s Medium Term Strategy

INTUG, representing the business users of digital services and content, has provided executive summary input to BEREC’s Medium Term Strategy 2018-2020.

INTUG Presents at EC Workshop on Cross-border Dataflows

On 30 March, 2017, INTUG took part in the workshop “How to facilitate cross-border dataflow in the digital single market”. This event was organised within the framework of the European Commission DG CONNECT’s Study on cross-border dataflow in the digital single market: Study on data location restrictions (SMART 2015/0054), undertaken by time.lex, Spark Legal Network […]

INTUG Expresses Concern to F.C.C. over Recent Summary Business Services Data Order

The new Chairman’s reversal of the previous FCC Network Neutrality position is also unwelcome for business users.

INTUG Welcomes New Board Members

Following the AGM on 24 April 2017, INTUG is pleased to welcome its newest Board members: Craig Young from Tuanz, in New Zealand; Leonard Pera from Autelsi, in Spain; and Helmut Kohl from Telecom E.v., in Germany.

INTUG Publishes Position on ITRE Rapporteur Report

In September 2016, the European Commission published a proposal for establishing a European Electronic Communications Code. As part of the regulatory process, ITRE (the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy in the European Parliament) published its draft rapporteur report on the proposal, on 17 March 2017.

INTUG Represented by Australia Member at APECTEL Meeting

Teresa Corbin represented INTUG at the 54th APECTEL meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, held in Japan, 31 Oct-4 Nov 2016. How to support free flow of data, next generation broadcasting, CA (conformity assessments) and MRA (mutual recognition agreements), were all on the workshop agenda.

INTUG and EuroCIO Cooperate on GDPR

Danielle Jacobs, Chair INTUG, was invited to the EuroCIO meeting in Paris in December, to strengthen the co-operation between INTUG and EuroCIO. Based on the positive and successful meeting, INTUG and EuroCIO will participate in a joint meeting on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on April 24, together with Beltug and the CIO Forum.