EU-U.S. Privacy Shield: Situation Remains Uncertain for Companies

Will the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield agreement resolve issues such as the scope of access to personal data by U.S. intelligence agencies or redress for data subjects? The Article 29 Working Party (the A29 WP) is reserving judgement, according to an article on Allen & Overy’s Digital Hub.

No ‘Safe Harbour’ for EU: What Does the CJEU Decision Mean?

Thanks to our excellent relationship with law firm Allen & Overy, we are very pleased to provide you with this overview of the key recent finding by the EU Court of Justice regarding the Safe Harbour for data coming from Europe.

Allen & Overy Compares Cyber Security Strategies on Both Sides of Atlantic

In February the European Commission launched a cyber security strategy for the EU aimed at increasing capabilities and preparedness towards security incidents such as hacking or technical failures. Hard on the heels of the EU’s efforts to promote a culture of security risk management, US president Obama’s administration introduced an Executive Order on Improving Critical […]