TTIP: Are Telecom, Media and Internet Dominating the Agenda?

INTUG Executive Vice President Nick White participated in an International Institute of Communications (IIC) event in London on Tuesday 8 July, which was organized to exchange views on the latest EU/US Trade negotiations.

AT&T/T-Mobile Deal Threatens Mobile Competition, Affordability of Roaming, Innovation in New Apps

INTUG OPINION It is essential that business visitors to the US have access to effective and affordable international data roaming services based on HSPA technology as well as emerging LTE technology, according to INTUG, which submitted its response to the FCC on the AT&T and T-Mobile merger today.

U.S.: FCC Investigates on Early Mobile Termination Fees

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asked the four major mobile operators and Google to explain how they advise their customers about early termination fees (“ETFs”) due when they cancel service contracts early.

US: Wireless Spectrum Auction Ends, Verizon and AT&T Win

After 260 rounds of bidding over more than seven weeks the the 700MHz wireless spectrum auction has ended. According to a statement by FCC chief Kevin Martin, the auction took in almost twice the amount estimated.