Algeria takes steps towards generalized ICT environment

Our Algerian correspondent reports that, as part of its efforts to ensure connectivity and wide-spread access to ICT throughout the country, Algeria is updating its regulatory framework.

Broadband Quality, Not Penetration, Leads to Different Rankings

Broadband speeds in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain and the U.K. are not up to date when it comes to speedy broadband services available to consumers. These countries are hardly keeping pace with the demands of web based applications and video services, whose bandwidth needs are expected to only rise, according […]

ECTA: Real Broadband Driven by Alternative Providers

According to a survey presented by the ECTA, the European Competitive Telecommunications Association, Europe now has over 100 million broadband subscribers. The results of ECTA’s Broadband Scorecard also show that competitive providers, and not the large incumbents that own much of the telecoms infrastructure, are leading in provision of super broadband connection speeds above 10Mbps, […]