INTUG Sends Open Letter to European Commission

Last week INTUG sent an open letter to EC Vice President Kroes, the EU Mission in Washington DC and the US Trade Representative, regarding disparities between regulations for non-discriminatory access to communications services on both sides of the Atlantic.

US to Invest in 66 Broadband Projects

Last week U.S. President Obama announced investment in 66 new broadband projects, many of which fill in fiber “middle mile” gaps in rural communities.

US: FCC Investigating trans-Sector Opportunities of FttH

Buddeblog has an interesting post from INTUG member Paul Budde about the reports he and other collaborators around the world have written on implementation policies for FttH in the U.S.

Obama Adviser Looks at Australian Broadband Plan

A senior adviser to President Obama is touting the idea of spending tens of billions of dollars in public funds to build a nationwide broadband network featuring speeds 100 times faster than today’s technology.