AGM confirms INTUG Board

At the INTUG AGM meeting held 19 March 2018, the following Board members were unanimously re-elected: Danielle Jacobs, Nicolas White, Teresa Corbin, Jan Charles van Alphen and Muhammad Jumadi.

INTUG Joins with CIOForum, EuroCIO & Beltug to Explore GDPR

Together with international association EuroCIO and Belgian associations CIOforum and Beltug, INTUG took part in a joint session to work on members’ questions regarding the GDPR, with a special focus on IT vendor assessment.

INTUG Goes to European Parliament Hearing

INTUG and BELTUG took part in a 4 December hearing on the single market for communications at the European Parliament, with INTUG Chairman and BELTUG General Manager Danielle Jacobs sitting on the panel addressing “Consumer and other end-users’ rights”.

Selecting the Right Cloud Service Provider

Yesterday INTUG distributed a short paper on cloud service providers (CSPs) among its members to help organizations determine which provider and service is right for them.

Will Microsoft-Skype Deal Transform Business Communications?

INTUG OPINION It is often said that Skype isn’t of much use in enterprise communications, because connections routed over the Internet are not as stable as those over the PSTN or the ISDN. It is also claimed that Skype would have to be more secure before we can send sensitive traffic from business networks to […]