Broadband Quality, Not Penetration, Leads to Different Rankings

Broadband speeds in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain and the U.K. are not up to date when it comes to speedy broadband services available to consumers. These countries are hardly keeping pace with the demands of web based applications and video services, whose bandwidth needs are expected to only rise, according […]

Governments and Business Must Tackle Internet Address Shortage, OECD

Governments and business should cooperate more effectively and urgently to meet the growing demand for Internet addresses and secure the future of the Internet economy, says the OECD in a new report. With nearly 85 per cent of all available Internet addresses already in use by May 2008, experts believe that, if current trends continue, […]

Africa: World’s Fastest Growing Mobile Market

As of this year, China and India may have the world’s largest mobile markets, but the African continent is catching up fast. As of mid-2007, there were over 231 million mobile subscribers. This represents an increase of 45 per cent year-on-year, a rate that has made the continent the world’s single fastest-growing regional mobile market.

China Gets 3G

China Mobile started selling TD-SCDMA phones from 1 April. Officially it’s a trial, because 3G licenses have not yet been issued. In reality it marks the commercial launch of 3G in China. But coming six years after the first commercial W-CDMA network launched, it’s hardly the advertisement for innovation that senior officials intended, says Telecom […]

India Due to Have Second-Largest Mobile Subscriber Base

India’s rapidly growing mobile subscriber base passed the 250 million mark, according to a press release from the Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India. With a monthly growth of 8-9 million mobile phone users, India is expected to surpass the U.S. soon, which currently has 260.50 million subscribers. China tops the wireless network market with a […]

EC Endorses DVB-H for Single Mobile TV Market

The European Commission decided to add DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld standard (DVB-H) to the EU List of Standards, which serves as a basis for encouraging the harmonized provision of telecommunications across the EU.

China Wants Pricing Policy Reform for Bundled Offerings

China’s Ministry of Information Industry (MII) has told service providers to limit the number of price bundles they offer and to ensure their price promotions are clear and simple. In a “guiding opinion” to carriers posted to its website this week, the ministry said they should offer no more than ten price bundles or packages […]