INTUG Participates at OECD CISP and Responds to CISP-55

In addition to taking part in the recent meeting for the OECD’s Communication Infrastructures and Services Policy (CISP), INTUG has provided comments on the CISP-55 programme.

TiSA: Towards a 21st Century Trade Agreement

INTUG and CCIA strongly encourage removing access barriers in telecoms services, to lower user prices, facilitate global supply chains and boost economic growth and innovation. Nick White, EVP INTUG, was one of the main speakers at a webinar organized by CCIA and INTUG on 24 May to brief Trade Negotiators from around the world involved […]

New Paper: Extending the Digital Single Market – a UK Perspective on Barriers

Respected regulatory commentator Andy Tarrant has published a paper on the challenges of removing the communications barriers to cross border trade throughout the EU: a key focus of INTUG. The paper focuses on how regulatory governance in telecoms is failing to ensure that the inputs necessary to facilitate cross-border supply chains are provided.

INTUG Participates in WIK-Consult Study

INTUG has been bringing the voice of the business user to a study by WIK-Consult, in conjunction with IDATE and Deloitte.