INTUG Responds to CEPT Consultation on Indoor Coverage

The issue of mobile indoor coverage is currently under consideration in several CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) administrations. The ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) of  CEPT put together a consultation to collect best practices on mobile indoor coverage.

INTUG Concerned About the Regulation for the Elimination of Roaming Charges in Europe

INTUG is concerned about potential loopholes in the European Commission’s implementation of the regulation to eliminate international roaming charges within the EU by mid-2017.

INTUG Responds to BEREC Report on Special Rate Services

Yesterday INTUG responded to a BEREC consultation on Special Rate Services, underlining the concerns business users have with the inconsistencies in the provision of these services between different EU member states, both in terms of numbering plans and charging principles.

EC Consults on non-Discriminatory Access and Wholesale Cost Methodology

Yesterday the European Commission launched a consultation on non-discriminatory access to dominant operator network services and another on cost methodologies for the provision of wholesale services.

INTUG Delivers Input on Cross-Border Number Accessibility

INTUG OPINION Last week INTUG wrote to BEREC, the body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications concerning the cross border accessibility of numbers.

INTUG Responds to EC Consultation on Cloud Computing

Yesterday INTUG responded to the European Commission’s Consultation on Cloud Computing, focusing on cross border issues.

INTUG Responds to BEREC Consultation on Legal and Administrative Barriers within the EU

INTUG responded to the BEREC consultation (PDF) on barriers within the EU to provision of communications services for international businesses.

EU: Near Consensus on Net Neutrality

According to the results of a public consultation launched by the European Commission, there is a near consensus on the importance of preserving the openness of the Internet.