INTUG at ETNO and Telecom Italia Workshop ahead of Italian EU Presidency

INTUG was invited to speak at the A New Digital Agenda For Europe workshop jointly organized by ETNO and Telecom Italia ahead of the Italian Presidency of the EU. 

INTUG Meets in Madrid, Discusses Digital Agenda

On 21 May our Spanish member Autelsi hosted a small conference dedicated to international mobile services, regulation in both the European Union and in Spain, the Spanish Digital Agenda and an update on global developments. Results of a recent business user satisfaction enquiry from the host organization were made public as well.

Europe to Enjoy Twice as Much 4G Spectrum as US

The European Commission yesterday decided to add another 120 MHz to the radio spectrum portfolio for 4G technologies, such as LTE around the 2GHz band.

INTUG Meets with Neelie Kroes

Yesterday (11 October 2012) an INTUG delegation, led by Chairman Danielle Jacobs, met Vice President Neelie Kroes and members of her Cabinet at the European Commission.

INTUG Responds to EC Consultations on non-Discrimination, Cost Methodologies Wholesale Access

INTUG has today responded to two key consultations by the European Commission on non-discrimination and cost methodologies for wholesale access.

EC Proposes 9 Billion for Broadband

The European Commission is planning to invest over EUR9 billion from 2014 to 2020 on pan-European projects to give citizens and businesses access to high-speed broadband networks, according to a proposal revealed today.

European Telecom Users to Benefit From New Rules

Tomorrow (25 May) new EU rules to ensure more competition on the telecom market and better services for customers will take effect. Among other things, users should be able to switch operators in one day without losing their existing number and enjoy better protection of their online personal data, according to the European Commission.

EC Consults on Mobile Roaming Regulation

The European Commission is seeking the views of consumers, businesses, telecom operators and public authorities on the EU mobile phone roaming market in a public consultation launched today.

EC Consults on Single EU-Wide Phone Number for Businesses

The European Commission is asking businesses, consumers, telecoms operators and public authorities whether they see benefits in a system that would allow businesses to use the same telephone number in all EU member states.

EC Outlines Measures to Deliver Fast Broadband

Three complementary measures to facilitate the roll out and take up of fast and ultra-fast broadband in the EU have been adopted by the European Commission yesterday.