EC Accelerates Single Telecoms Market Plans

The European Commission is speeding up its proposals for new single telecoms market regulations. The EC will probably present its plans by June rather than the earlier announced target date of October.

EU Digital Single Market for Business Communication Worth 90 Billion, Study

The economic loss of a fragmented market for electronic communication services for businesses amounts to 90 billion according to a study commissioned by INTUG and ECTA.

INTUG Responds to EC Consultation on Harmonization of Numbering Resources

Today INTUG published its response to the public consultation on numbering for business services, as a contribution to improving the availability of services suitable for a single market for business users throughout the European Union.

EC Consults on Mobile Roaming Regulation

The European Commission is seeking the views of consumers, businesses, telecom operators and public authorities on the EU mobile phone roaming market in a public consultation launched today.

EC Consults on Single EU-Wide Phone Number for Businesses

The European Commission is asking businesses, consumers, telecoms operators and public authorities whether they see benefits in a system that would allow businesses to use the same telephone number in all EU member states.

Broadband Speeds Four Times Higher in Better Regulated Markets, Study

Businesses and consumers are losing EUR 25bn per year and broadband speeds are being restricted due to uncompetitive telecoms markets, reveals a study released by ECTA last week.