‘Competition must prevail in the quest for telecoms investment’

“It is very strange that after 20 years of competition, the market shares of the incumbents stay very high”. These words by Danielle Jacobs, of INTUG and Beltug, open the new video published by ECTA, which includes interviews with thought-leaders from the European Commission, authorities, associations and industry, on the need for a competitive market […]

The digital future: New Zealand’s Tuanz takes on key issues for its members

What are the key topics impacting the members and markets of New Zealand member Tuanz? In January, the association published a 2018 action plan focused around the digital future. Many of the topics reflect global trends that business users are facing around the world.

Digitalization in Spain: How to Support Foreign Trade?

With exports helping drive Spain’s GDP growth, Leonard Pera, President of INTUG member AUTELSI, looks over an exciting year for the evolution of Spanish international trade and asks “how can the digital world support growth in foreign trade, and what role can internet play?”