INTUG Speaks About “Industry 4.0” at ECTA 2015

What are the main business user priorities for “Industry 4.0” – the Digital Industrial Revolution? Nick White, INTUG’s Executive Vice President, spoke on the topic at this year’s ECTA Regulatory Conference in Brussels.

INTUG Supports New #Netcompetition Initiative on Broadband

A new broadband stakeholder alliance has taken off in Brussels, sending a message to EU policy makers that users deserve real choice, innovation, freedom of communication and affordable services for broadband.

INTUG presents at BEREC and ECTA events

INTUG has been busy communicating the needs of ICT business users to key groups, including BEREC and ECTA.

INTUG Spreads Its Message at High-Level Events

Over the past few weeks, INTUG representatives have had some great opportunities to spread our messages and support our members’ needs and priorities, by taking part in key initiatives and events, and networking with important and high-level contacts.

EU Digital Single Market for Business Communication Worth 90 Billion, Study

The economic loss of a fragmented market for electronic communication services for businesses amounts to 90 billion according to a study commissioned by INTUG and ECTA.

Kroes Turns Her Back on Competition

The Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has announced her willingness to allow regulatory holidays for Next Generation Networks and to continue costly access conditions for legacy networks.

Lack of Effective Access to Fiber May Impact Competition in High Speed Broadband, Study

A new report carried out by the research and consulting group WIK on the state of play of Next Generation Access (NGA) has found that the target set by Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes for 50% of households to use ultra-fast broadband by 2020 may be at risk because fiber networks have not been effectively […]

European Alternative Operators Call to End Subsidies for Incumbents

Earlier this week CEOs of major telecoms competitors have called on European Commissioner Neelie Kroes to put an end to excessive charges for historic telephone networks, which they say amount to a subsidy for dominant firms.

Copper Switch-off Strategy Essential for Achieving European Broadband Targets, Study

High charges for copper telephone networks are deterring the roll-out of fiber across Europe, according to a study commissioned by the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA).

European Telcos Call for Structurally Separate Netcos

This week chief financial and operating officers from leading telecoms competitors met with the European Commission and major banks to exchange views about the conditions needed to allow investment in ultra-fast fiber networks.