INTUG Talks Mobile Roaming at ITU in Geneva

Jan Van Alphen, from our Dutch association BTG, represented INTUG at the ITU meeting on economic and policy issues, held in Geneva in February. During this meeting, a draft international ITU-T recommendation on mobile roaming was discussed.

INTUG Concerned About the Regulation for the Elimination of Roaming Charges in Europe

INTUG is concerned about potential loopholes in the European Commission’s implementation of the regulation to eliminate international roaming charges within the EU by mid-2017.

INTUG Disappointed by further Delay to Abolition of Roaming Charges

The European Council wants to delay plans already voted on by the European Parliament to abolish international roaming within the European Union with three years till 2018.

EC to Slash Roaming Rates

The European Commission will outline new plans in the coming weeks to bring European roaming rates in line with national tariffs, EU sources told Reuters.

EU Roaming Use Increasing, Users Still Worry about Costs, Survey

Almost 75 per cent of Europeans worry about the cost of using their mobile phone when traveling in the EU according to a survey released by the European Commission.

INTUG Responds to EC Consultation on Mobile Roaming

Business users still report little progress in reducing mobile communication costs, improving service quality and coverage, and they continue to experience difficulties in obtaining global contracts, adequate billing and reporting, according to INTUG’s response on a EC consultation on the regulation of mobile communication.

EC Consults on Mobile Roaming Regulation

The European Commission is seeking the views of consumers, businesses, telecom operators and public authorities on the EU mobile phone roaming market in a public consultation launched today.

EC Roaming Report: Rates Down, But Not Quite Enough

Just two days before the roaming rates in the EU were lowered, the EC published an interim report on roaming charges in the European Union. Not surprisingly, retail prices tend to cluster around the regulated maximum price caps.

Mobile Operators Lose Case against EU Roaming Regulation

Four British mobile operators lost their bid to overturn a cap imposed by the European Commission on the roaming fees they can charge customers when traveling abroad.

Lower Roaming Costs in EU

As of 1 July, to make a roamed call in another EU country shouldn’t cost more than EUR 0.43 per minute. For receiving calls users should not pay more than EUR 0.19.