U.S.: FCC Investigates on Early Mobile Termination Fees

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asked the four major mobile operators and Google to explain how they advise their customers about early termination fees (“ETFs”) due when they cancel service contracts early.

Broadband Connections in Europe Growing, U.S. Still Dwelling on Policy Issues

While the number of broadband Internet connections in the EU is increasing, the U.S. is still pondering over how to get broadband to rural areas. At the same time, the high speed Internet gap between the rich and the poor is widening, according to a UN official.

Study: US Broadband Performance Less-than-the-Best

Open access policies have helped leading economies around the world develop competitive broadband markets by lowering entry barriers, according to a study for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

US: FCC Investigating trans-Sector Opportunities of FttH

Buddeblog has an interesting post from INTUG member Paul Budde about the reports he and other collaborators around the world have written on implementation policies for FttH in the U.S.

US President Elect Names FCC Transition Team

The last two weeks showed signs of a possible climate change for technology in the U.S. The Obama-Biden office announced that two academics will lead the Obama Federal Communications Commission transition team with the responsibility of advising the incoming administration on policy, budget and personnel matters.

US: ‘Intercarrier Compensation Reform’ Could Raise Phone Bills

Head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Mr. Kevin Martin is poised to reform the complicated system of interconnection rates. An improved system can help fund improved broadband Internet access for rural areas, but consumer advocates question how much the plan will raise people’s phone bills, Associated Press reports.

FCC Approves US-Wide Text Alert System

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) yesterday adopted an order that will support the ability of the nation’s wireless carriers to transmit timely and accurate alerts, warnings and critical information to the cell phones and other mobile devices of consumers during disasters or other emergencies.

US: Wireless Spectrum Auction Ends, Verizon and AT&T Win

After 260 rounds of bidding over more than seven weeks the the 700MHz wireless spectrum auction has ended. According to a statement by FCC chief Kevin Martin, the auction took in almost twice the amount estimated.

Interview: US FCC Chair Kevin Martin

Telecommunications web site CommsDay spoke with Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin at the ITU’s Global Symposium of Regulators. The world’s oldest telecom regulator oversees about one-quarter of the global telecom market and is arguably the most influential NRA. Read more… Source: CommsDay

INTUG Chair Holds Presentation on Reliability Assessment at PTC

INTUG chairman Sergio Antocicco was in Washington this week, meeting commissioners of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Earlier this week, he attended the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC ’08) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.