‘Competition must prevail in the quest for telecoms investment’

“It is very strange that after 20 years of competition, the market shares of the incumbents stay very high”. These words by Danielle Jacobs, of INTUG and Beltug, open the new video published by ECTA, which includes interviews with thought-leaders from the European Commission, authorities, associations and industry, on the need for a competitive market […]

INTUG and Other Associations Develop Joint Letter to EC on Risks of German Vectoring Monopoly

Twenty-five German and international associations have jointly drafted and published a letter outlining their concerns regarding the vectoring monopoly proposed by the German National Regulator Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA). This proposal would give a single provider the right to exclusively install vectoring equipment at street cabinets in the nearshore area around the 8.000 German main distribution frames […]