INTUG responds to OECD Communications Working Party meeting

INTUG has provided comments on the action items from the recent OECD Communications Working Party (CISP) meeting, focusing in particular on reports covering: The Road to 5G Networks; The Effects of Zero Rating; and  The Programme of Work/Subject Rankings. INTUG’s comments highlight the needs and concerns of business users of digital technology.

INTUG Expresses Concern to F.C.C. over Recent Summary Business Services Data Order

The new Chairman’s reversal of the previous FCC Network Neutrality position is also unwelcome for business users.

INTUG Participates at 4th BEREC Forum

“The wise man looks for solutions not excuses”: that could be the underlying theme of the 4th BEREC Stakeholder Forum, held on 17 October 2016, in Brussels, at which INTUG participated.

Net Neutrality: BEREC Publishes its Guidelines

BEREC has published its Guidelines of “common rules to safeguard equal and non-discriminatory treatment of traffic in the provision of internet access services and related end-users’ rights”: i.e. Net Neutrality.

INTUG Shares Comments with BEREC on Net Neutrality Guidelines: Position

INTUG firmly supports net neutrality as a key force for market competition, but Open Internet rules should not be applied to business users in the same way as to end users.

INTUG Presents Business Users’ Issues at BEREC Forum

Danielle Jacobs spoke at the 3rd BEREC Stakeholder Forum on 15 October in Brussels, giving voice to the needs of international and national business users on topics including the Internet of Things, the need for competition in the telecoms market, net neutrality and INTUG’s proposal for a Code of Conduct for software publishers.

Open Internet: INTUG and ETNO Call for a User-Friendly Approach

INTUG, the international association of business users of telecommunications, and ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, call for the EU institutions to adopt user-friendly, innovation-enhancing and investment-conducive rules on the Open Internet.

INTUG Writes MEPs in Regard to Net Neutrality, Business Services

A new European Parliament, to be elected in May, will have a final say on the European Telecoms Package, which contains groundbreaking rules on net neutrality and the single digital market. There are however two concerns for business users. Therefore INTUG wrote the following to MEPs:

INTUG Responds to BEREC Consultation on Net Neutrality

Yesterday INTUG published its response (PDF) to BEREC’s consultation on net neutrality.

BEREC Announces New Consultation on Net Neutrality

On 24-25 May, BEREC held a Plenary meeting during which a set of documents on net neutrality were approved. A new, comprehensive consultation round on the topic was announced.