Lack of Effective Access to Fiber May Impact Competition in High Speed Broadband, Study

A new report carried out by the research and consulting group WIK on the state of play of Next Generation Access (NGA) has found that the target set by Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes for 50% of households to use ultra-fast broadband by 2020 may be at risk because fiber networks have not been effectively […]

EC Consults on non-Discriminatory Access and Wholesale Cost Methodology

Yesterday the European Commission launched a consultation on non-discriminatory access to dominant operator network services and another on cost methodologies for the provision of wholesale services.

European Telecom Users to Benefit From New Rules

Tomorrow (25 May) new EU rules to ensure more competition on the telecom market and better services for customers will take effect. Among other things, users should be able to switch operators in one day without losing their existing number and enjoy better protection of their online personal data, according to the European Commission.

Europe’s Digital Economy Strengthening, Says Report

Europe’s digital economy is growing in strength, spreading throughout all sectors of the economy and reaching into all areas of the lives of its citizens, according to a report published by the European Commission.

EC U-Turn – NGA Recommendation an Open Charter for Regulatory Holidays

Death of Next Generation Competition in EU? On Friday 12 June, the European Commission issued a second draft of the Recommendation on Next Generation Access, following an initial consultation launched in September 2008. This subject is of supreme importance to business users of telecommunications services, since it will determine if services using next generation fiber […]

EC Consults on Regulatory Strategy for Promotion of NGA Networks

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on its revised proposals for the regulation of NGA networks in the form of a draft Commission Recommendation.

European Parliament: no Overall Agreement on Telecoms Issues with Council

A user’s internet access cannot be restricted without a prior ruling by the judicial authorities, the Industry Committee of the European Parliament (ITRE) insisted yesterday. The Committee also agreed on setting up a new regulatory body, comprising the heads of all national European telecommunications NRAs.

INTUG Writes to President of EC on NGA Concerns

The European Commission’s imminent NGA Recommendation – the first major test of the Framework Review – will have a profound impact on the ability of business users to obtain the European network services they need to compete effectively in world markets – something of particular importance in the current recessionary environment.

INTUG Asks EU Council of Ministers to Ensure Competition is Preserved for NGA

Last week, INTUG sent a letter to the EU Council of Ministers gathering in Prague. In the letter, INTUG urged them to resist the protectionist approaches of some incumbent operators with dominant power, who seem to be seeking to limit or eliminate competition for next generation access networks.

INTUG Publishes Report on NGN and NGA

INTUG has identified NGNs as a strategic priority for its members, contacts and for business users globally. As a result, it commissioned a detailed paper by Stratix Consulting to analyze the issues from a business user perspective, recognizing that the focus in regulatory debate until now had been directed towards the telecom operators’ perspectives.