BEREC Announces New Consultation on Net Neutrality

On 24-25 May, BEREC held a Plenary meeting during which a set of documents on net neutrality were approved. A new, comprehensive consultation round on the topic was announced.

AT&T/T-Mobile Deal Threatens Mobile Competition, Affordability of Roaming, Innovation in New Apps

INTUG OPINION It is essential that business visitors to the US have access to effective and affordable international data roaming services based on HSPA technology as well as emerging LTE technology, according to INTUG, which submitted its response to the FCC on the AT&T and T-Mobile merger today.

INTUG Responds to EC Consultation on Harmonization of Numbering Resources

Today INTUG published its response to the public consultation on numbering for business services, as a contribution to improving the availability of services suitable for a single market for business users throughout the European Union.

EU Roaming Use Increasing, Users Still Worry about Costs, Survey

Almost 75 per cent of Europeans worry about the cost of using their mobile phone when traveling in the EU according to a survey released by the European Commission.

INTUG Responds to EC Consultation on Mobile Roaming

Business users still report little progress in reducing mobile communication costs, improving service quality and coverage, and they continue to experience difficulties in obtaining global contracts, adequate billing and reporting, according to INTUG’s response on a EC consultation on the regulation of mobile communication.

EC Consults on Mobile Roaming Regulation

The European Commission is seeking the views of consumers, businesses, telecom operators and public authorities on the EU mobile phone roaming market in a public consultation launched today.

EC Consults on Single EU-Wide Phone Number for Businesses

The European Commission is asking businesses, consumers, telecoms operators and public authorities whether they see benefits in a system that would allow businesses to use the same telephone number in all EU member states.

INTUG Responds to EC Net Neutrality Consultation

The choice of one services provider or one ICT element should not restrict the choices available elsewhere in the ICT landscape, declares INTUG in its response to the “Public Consultation on the Open Internet and Net Neutrality in Europe”, submitted this week.

EC Consults on Regulatory Strategy for Promotion of NGA Networks

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on its revised proposals for the regulation of NGA networks in the form of a draft Commission Recommendation.

Europe: Public Consultation on MTRs Launched

The European Commission has started a public consultation on the future regulation of “voice call termination rates” in the EU based on a draft Commission Recommendation on termination rates.