INTUG at ETNO-Mlex: “Regulating for the User of the Future”

INTUG was present at the recent ETNO-Mlex regulatory summit on 24 May 2016, on “Regulating for the user of the future”, with Chairman Danielle Jacobs taking part in the opening panel.

EC Consults on Mobile Roaming Regulation

The European Commission is seeking the views of consumers, businesses, telecom operators and public authorities on the EU mobile phone roaming market in a public consultation launched today.

FCC to Reclassify Broadband Services

The American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to take a “third approach” to regulating broadband carriers, partially classifying them as “common carriers” under Title 2 of the Communications Act. This would allow the FCC to control the transmission component of broadband Internet, but not rates or content.

Broadband Speeds Four Times Higher in Better Regulated Markets, Study

Businesses and consumers are losing EUR 25bn per year and broadband speeds are being restricted due to uncompetitive telecoms markets, reveals a study released by ECTA last week.