ITU: Effective Regulation Critical to Economic Growth

In response to the influence of ICTs on the shape and growth of other economic sectors an increasingly robust yet complex regulatory landscape has emerged over the last ten years, according to a new report by the ITU.

European Parliament Agrees to Telecoms Package

The European Parliament (EP) yesterday approved a major overhaul of EU telecoms rules, which will strengthen the rights of phone users and internet users and boost competition among telecom operators, according to the EP.

NRAs And Industry Discuss Regulation, Economy

Delegates to ITU’s 9th Global Symposium for Regulators, held 10-12 November in Beirut, Lebanon, spoke of the pressing need for governments to open markets to greater competition and use incentives to stimulate investment in the broadband networks that are becoming the lifeblood of the so-called knowledge economy.

Patchwork Of Telecoms Regulations Costs EU Billions

Europe’s economy could benefit by as much as 1,300 billion euros over the next 20 years with the development of seamless pan-European electronic communications services, according to a new study released by Indepen Consulting.