INTUG: Action on Roaming Goes Global

INTUG was recently invited to brief representatives of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) on International Roaming developments, as input to discussions on addressing the concerns over Trans-Tasman roaming costs between Australia and New Zealand.

ITU Takes Action to Cut Roaming Charges

Last week the ITU adopted a new recommendation aimed at preventing bill shock for mobile customers using roaming services.

INTUG Submits Contribution on Roaming for ITU Working Group

As a sector member of ITU, INTUG was able to make a submission (PDF) to the Council Working Group preparing for the ITU WCIT-12 in Dubai later this year.

EU Reaches Preliminary Deal on Roaming Solutions

MEPs and representatives of the Council and the European Commission have reached a preliminary deal on new EU Roaming rules, following the commission’s proposal from last year.

Campaign Against Roaming Charges Gains Momentum

As the European Commission will cut roaming charges once again this summer, the battle is about to start whether the new measures go far enough.

EU Roaming Regulation Faces National Hurdles, Delays

EU’s Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes is under intense pressure from member states that are threatening to delay or water down her proposal to abolish cross-border tariffs on mobile phone calls within Europe by 2016.

Europe Sees further Voice Roaming Price Cuts

Yesterday the European Commission’s last price cut under the current roaming regulation came into effect. The maximum retail rate for voice roaming is now 35 cents per minute for calls made and 11 cents per minute for calls received while abroad in the EU.

FCC Proposes Measures against “Bill Shock”

Yesterday, the U.S. Federal Communications Committee voted unanimously to explore regulation that would require mobile operators to provide usage alerts and related information that assists consumers in avoiding unexpected charges on their bills.

Mobile Market Dysfunctional for Multinational Customers

Multinational Companies (MNCs) cannot get what they are looking for on the mobile market, which is: cross-border one-stop shopping; one-stop billing; centralized management; and last but not least, reasonable prices. These are the main conclusions of a new study by INTUG.

EU: Voice and Text Roaming Costs Halved Since 2007, Data Still Costly

Voice and text roaming rates in Europe are down by 50 per cent from 2007, with very few prices applied below the roaming price cap that was set by the European Commission, according to a report from Tariff Consultancy Ltd. (TCL). However, the average retail price for mobile data roaming within the European Union is […]