FCC Chair Unveils “Connect America Fund”

Yesterday the US telecommunications regulator outlined a plan to transform the Universal Service Fund, an USD8 billion fund that is paid for by US telephone customers and used to subsidize basic telephone service in rural areas, into one that will help expand broadband Internet service to 18 million Americans who lack high-speed access.

US to Invest in 66 Broadband Projects

Last week U.S. President Obama announced investment in 66 new broadband projects, many of which fill in fiber “middle mile” gaps in rural communities.

EU Plans to Extend “Universal Service” to Broadband

The new Spanish EU Presidency wants to extend universal service requirements to broadband Internet, making it mandatory for member states to make the service available in every corner of their territory.

Broadband Connections in Europe Growing, U.S. Still Dwelling on Policy Issues

While the number of broadband Internet connections in the EU is increasing, the U.S. is still pondering over how to get broadband to rural areas. At the same time, the high speed Internet gap between the rich and the poor is widening, according to a UN official.

Europe to Invest 1bn Euros in Broadband

The European Commission aims to achieve 100 per cent high speed internet coverage for all citizens by 2010 as part of the European Economic Recovery Plan. The money is needed to help rural areas get online, bring new jobs and help businesses grow, according to the EC.

US: ‘Intercarrier Compensation Reform’ Could Raise Phone Bills

Head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Mr. Kevin Martin is poised to reform the complicated system of interconnection rates. An improved system can help fund improved broadband Internet access for rural areas, but consumer advocates question how much the plan will raise people’s phone bills, Associated Press reports.

INTUG Position on the EC’s Proposals Following the Framework Review

INTUG welcomes the European Commission’s proposals for revision of the European Regulatory Framework for Telecommunications. Whilst applauding the EU’s progress in the last decade towards an open and competitive telecommunications market, the business users which INTUG represent are still unable to obtain the seamless services within all Member States, or across the EU, that they […]