TTIP: Are Telecom, Media and Internet Dominating the Agenda?

INTUG Executive Vice President Nick White participated in an International Institute of Communications (IIC) event in London on Tuesday 8 July, which was organized to exchange views on the latest EU/US Trade negotiations.

EC Looks into Complaints against MS-Skype Deal

The European Commission is determining whether to require the unbundling of Skype from Microsoft’s Windows operating system before authorizing the planned merger of the two companies, Euractiv reports.

Will Microsoft-Skype Deal Transform Business Communications?

INTUG OPINION It is often said that Skype isn’t of much use in enterprise communications, because connections routed over the Internet are not as stable as those over the PSTN or the ISDN. It is also claimed that Skype would have to be more secure before we can send sensitive traffic from business networks to […]