INTUG Participates in WIK Study for EC on Access and Interoperability


The European Commission has published a study by WIK-Consult on the harmonization of access and interoperability. The study, titled Investigation into Access and Interoperability Standards for the Promotion of the Internal Market for Electronic Communications  looks at what impact standardization of access products at the wholesale level could have, and the conditions to achieve this. […]

INTUG Shares Users’ Issues at the European Commission


Danielle Jacobs, Chairman of INTUG, represented INTUG at a hearing from the European Commission, speaking about the needs of digital technology users. The meeting was in preparation of the upcoming review of the digital single market. The EC says that bringing down barriers to unlock opportunities is a key priority: INTUG wants to make sure that […]

INTUG Participates in European Commission Study by WIK-Consult

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In workshop, INTUG brought together business users and national users’ groups to discuss access and interoperability pain points.

European Alternative Operators Call to End Subsidies for Incumbents

Earlier this week CEOs of major telecoms competitors have called on European Commissioner Neelie Kroes to put an end to excessive charges for historic telephone networks, which they say amount to a subsidy for dominant firms.

Copper Switch-off Strategy Essential for Achieving European Broadband Targets, Study

High charges for copper telephone networks are deterring the roll-out of fiber across Europe, according to a study commissioned by the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA).

ECTA: High Costs Will Limit Fast Broadband

A study commissioned by ECTA, the European Competitive Telecommunications Association, reveals that high fixed costs will limit the availability of super fast broadband to many European homes and rural businesses.

Business Case for FttH Favors Former Incumbents, Study

Research released last week is the first to analyze the business case of rolling out next generation fiber networks across Europe. The study shows that only incumbent operators, with their extensive infrastructure and customer bases, can profitably roll out high speed fiber to the home (FttH) lines to large parts of Europe.